Why the knowledge of God is so important?

If you were asked the question “what interests or excites you most?”, what would you answer? Personal life? Family? Health? Career? Money? Safety? And if you asked the question a little differently: “What would you like to hear a sermon about?”, what would you say? Same topics. The sad truth is that if in ordinary life outside the walls of the church, from Monday to Saturday, we live by the values of the surrounding culture, then with these same values and questions we come to church on Sunday. That is, we come to God with our list of needs and desires. If there is a place for God on this list? There is no room for God. All about us.

I suspect I’m not the only one having difficulty with this. If you understand what I’m talking about, then let’s talk about how we can return to God as the main theme and question of our lives. Why is it important? I will answer in three points: to understand the meaning of life; to show respect to God; to become like God.

First, we need to meditate on God to understand the meaning of life. All thoughts that do not begin with God and without God do not lead to meaning, only to absurdity.

The Bible begins with the words: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Genesis 1:1). From this fact you need to start your thoughts about the meaning of life. God created the world, including us. If you want to know the meaning of life, ask the Creator.

Alas, as a rule, people want to know themselves, bypassing God. They want to invent their own meaning, invent themselves, create themselves. But the solution to our personal mysterylies in God. You were created by Him, not by yourself. Therefore, creation finds its solution only in the Creator. You cannot know yourself without knowing God. To know God is to know yourself, because you can only find yourself in Him.

But how to know God? We don’t need to guess. God has revealed Himself to us, He wants us to use His revelation and get to know Him more. This is His will. Look at the stars — they talk about Him. Read the Bible—the whole story and the fullness of God’s revelation to people are there.

So, we need to know God as the Creator in order to understand the meaning of His creation. At the same time, it is important to study God not through people’s speculations about Him, but through His revelation to people. You can find answers to questions about God, the world and yourself only within the framework of a right picture of the world. If your worldview is human-centric and egocentric, then everywhere you will see only yourself, only man, and God in the image of man. If your worldview is God-centered, you will see God everywhere, in everything, and yourself as His image and likeness. All creation and all history are a revelation of the nature of God in His attributes.

Secondly, we need to study God and God’s attributes in order to show attention, reverence, and love for Him. Many people know that God exists. Even demons. But what is He like? This question is asked only by those who are truly interested in God. In a timid but active desire for God to know God, faith is born and gradually grows.

Are we interested in God? Do we think about Him? Do we learn anything new about His character? Do we glorify Him for who He is?

If we only ask God, but do not talk to Him; if we rejoice in His gifts, but do not appreciate His presence; if we know almost everything about life and almost nothing about God, then do we believe in God at all? Maybe we have replaced God with an idol that satisfies our desires and thereby destroys us, distracting us from thinking about the real God?

I really like how Dallas Willard talks about this problem: “Our main problem is that we cannot allow God to be God.”

My friend, if you are not interested in questions about God and are concerned only with yourself, then this is a sign of unbelief or lack of faith, selfishness and frivolity. You constantly need something from God. But how much attention are you paying to Him? Let God be God, be worthy of your respect, worship, interest, and indeed your whole life. If you believe in God, then be passionate about Him, worship Him, know Him, make Him the center of your life.

Third, knowing the character of God is necessary in order to become like God. Let me ask you: who do you want to be like? You may have many heroes, so you will get tired of trying on their masks and roles. But remember that you are created in the image and likeness of God. Only in imitation of God can you truly be yourself. And in imitation of people you only lose yourself. As one of the leaders of the Christian student movement said, “God doesn’t want copies, God wants originals.” If we understand that the purpose of our life is to become like God, then there is nothing more important than finding out what God is like in order to be transformed into His image.

So, there is nothing in life more important than the knowledge of God, because in God we can find the answers to all possible questions. By growing in knowledge about the Creator, we understand the meaning of creation. By studying the attributes of God, we show respect and love for Him. As we better understand God’s character, we learn to be like Him.

Thinking about God, let’s allow God to be God so that we can be ourselves, so that everyone can be in proper place.