My colleagues from Africa and Asia support me))

I want to thank God for you. Your knowledge and exposure, as well as openess are helping you to appreciate the depth of your local christian problems which are not far from the global problems of christianity today. There seems to be some kind of saturation knocking at the door of the evangelicals and even the contemporary «Pentecostals» in some nations. It is good that God in every generation raises men who are open, inquisitive, and educated, who could ask questions as Paul of Tarsus, Martin Luther, Calvin, John Wesley etc., did in their own times. These instruments are usually employed by the Lord to keep the steam of christianity, which ordinarily saturated church leaders would want to see die off.
I pray for you that the Lord shall provided you the environment, enablement, zeal and support of some of your colleagues to carry the crusade of awareness and revival through in your dispensation in your country.
Keep it up brother and keep us informed so we can prayerfully support you.
God’s grace.

Prof. Maduebibisi O. Iwe, Nigeria
Dear Brother Mykhaylo,
I deeply appreciate the articles you sent to me. In fact, some of my students knew about them. One of them, i cited in my book about the need for visionary leaders. You are a gifted and intelligent man of God. May the good Lord continue to uphold you in your ministry of reaching to the lost. Keeping in touch with you.

Glenn Plastina, Th.D., Philippines
Dear Bro. Michael Cherenkov,
Best greetings from Malaysia. God wants us all to be the Vision caster, Burden bearer and Spark Igniter for the various countries (fields) from which we have been raised and to which we have been comissioned to pray, strategise and work towards a blue-print from God. This is not yet fulfilled but we long to see the day for the transformation mere Christianity into a dynamic biblical pattern for evangelism and missions.

We are the watchmen, whistle-blowers and workers to turn the hearts of the nations towards God since time is fast running out. Let’s not spare but be on the ready and on the alert to hold forth the Word of Life in an uncompromising way.

God bless you, Michael and the brethren in Russia and former Republics, let’s keep on, on,..and labour on,…towards a transformation in our respective countries.

Rev. John W.K. Chin, Itinerant Evangelist — Missions Director — Asian 10/40 Nations.