Read the Parkview MB Church Holy Week Devotional

Welcome to the Parkview MB Church Holy Week Devotional
I want to encourage you to journey with us each week from Palm Sunday to Easter. Each devotional is written by a different person from our church to provide multiple people an op-portunity to contribute. More importantly, we all get to hear different perspectives and insights throughout the week. 
How to use this devotional: 
The devotional is an opportunity for you to engage with the Scripture texts that I will not be preaching from this year. Each day, two sets of Scripture are listed. There is the devotional reading that the devotion is based on. You will need to read the devotional reading in your Bible (or Bible app) before reading the devotional. The second Scripture passage listed is the additional reading. If you read all of the devotional readings and additional readings, you will read all of the verses from the triumphal entry to the resurrection. 
Start with prayer. Ask God to open your heart and mind to what He would reveal to you during your reading. Each week there are reflection questions included during or at the end of the devotional. Take the time to sit with each question and let God guide you as you reflect. 
My prayer is that during Holy Week you would be inspired to live for the one who died for us all. 
At the end of the devotional, you will find a guide for Maundy Thursday worship. Whether you are alone or with a family or small group, I want to encourage you to set aside a specific time to reflect on our Lord’s betrayal and sacrifice.